Born York UK

NDD/ Painting and Ceramics 
Short-term study (ceramics) Antibes. 
Royal College of Art (research)
NZIManagement units. 
MA Fine Art 
Post Grad. Dip. Art History.

Faenza, Italy. Representing UK.
Faenza, Italy. Representing NZ.
Art Forum , Singapore . 
Biennale International de Ceramique De Art, Vallauris , France . 
Villas Gallery, Wellington . 
Crafts Person of the Month Crafts Council Gallery NZ. 
Fletcher Challenge, Auckland Museum . 
‘Human Touch’ Rotorua Museum . 
Edinburgh University . 
JR Fryer Gallery SoHo , New York . 
NZ Exhibition, Opus Gallery, London . 
International Exhibition, Faenza , Italy . 
Pacific Rim Gallery , California . 
Contemporary Applied Arts, Summer Exhibition, London.  
Jewell and Roberts Gallery , UK . 
British Airways ‘Outstanding Talent’, London.
International Ceramics Exhibition, Lousanne , Switzerland.
Merylyn Savill Gallery, Wellington NZ.
Whitespace Gallery, Auckland, NZ.
Egyptian Triennial, Cairo , Egypt . 
Milford Galleries, Dunedin , NZ. 
Whakatane Museum, NZ.
'Edge of Clay' Crafts Council, NZ.
Norsewear Merit Award.
Touring Exhibition, Suter Gallery, NZ.
100 New Zealand Potters.
New Zealand Academy touring exhibition.
New Zealand's International Potters, Antipodes Gallery.
'Domestica' Crafts Council, NZ.
Sydney Art Fair, Australia . 
Orfali Gallery, Amman , Jordan . 
Invited to exhibit at Florence Biennale, Italy.
Govt. gifts for overseas dignitaries.
Fletcher Challenge (presentation pieces), Japan.
Castelli Museum and Art Institute collection.


National Film Unit, NZ.
Ceramic Projects, York.
Chelsea Pottery, London.
p/t Drawing tutor Chelmsford Art School
Designed and made props for TV productions.
Designed clothes and logo for Bibi-Sport, Italy.
Designed and made ware for restaurants, London.
Worked exensively with interior designers.
Co-ordinator and Tutor, Nelson Polytechnic.
Own studio UK and NZ.
Work sold through selected galleries.

National Bank, NZ 
Andrew Grima, London . 
Green Gallery, Tokyo . 
Lotteries Commission, NZ.  
Otago University, NZ.
Hotel Central, Christchurch.  
CDL Systems Ltd, NZ  
Taylor Investments Ltd. 
Inscape Design. 
‘Taylormade’ TV Productions. 
Millennium Hotel Queenstown. 
ANZ Bank. 
Mico Wakefield Ltd.
Nabisco NZ. 
NZ Insurance. 
Southern Cross. 
Work held in private collections throughout the world.

NZ Potter Magazine incl. cover.
Ceramic Review, UK.
Nelson Evening Mail, NZ.
Dominion, NZ.
Evening Post, NZ.
Featured in 'Kaleidoscope' TV Arts Programme.
Who's Who, NZ.
Crafts, NZ.
NZ Society of Potters Magazine.
Advisory Committee setting up Craft Design(now BA) Nelson NZ.
Accepted as member of Contemporary Applied Arts, London.
Accepted as member of Craft Council Selected Index, NZ.
Past member of NZ Designer Secretariat.


I am a full-time exhibiting painter and potter and for many years have divided my time between the UK and NZ. The paintings and ceramics allow, for me, a perfect working balance and are inextricably linked, not only in the more obvious sense of ceramic images being present in the paintings, but also in the supposed dichotomy between Art and Craft and their philosophical differences. Both media are of equal importance to me in terms of their content and purpose. I also use photography and printmaking as an extension and support for the paintings and ceramics. My practice draws on the ideas and/or arguments concerning: 'original/copy', 'visual/verbal', 'identity/place', 'memory/trace'.
At the moment I am using acrylics on (mostly) unstretched canvas (many being double hanging), porcelain and stoneware clays and working in series or collections involving post-firing assembly.

I am now permanently based in the UK.

PAINTINGS and CERAMICS (external link)